"Hayabusa" took the picture of hometown with the final power

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"Hayabusa" took the picture of hometown with the final power
(Yomiuri Shinbun - 14 Jun 02:10)

Asteroid probe "Hayabusa" sent a picture of Earth from thousands of kilometers away before entering the atmosphere with all her strength last.

The photo which taken in B & W at 2:10 pm Japan time was sent, but she entered  the backside of the Earth,  so cut off the communication with the Earth. The picture data was also broken, but miraculously the figure of the Earth was appeared in the photo.

7:51 pm, she released the capsule from the front of the body toward the earth, and then  she was going to point the camera in the bottom to the Earth with changing direction 180 degrees. Control engines were all out of order, and direct jet propellant ion engine for long distance sailing was played again and she rotated the aircraft stunt.

I cried the Hayabusa last moment.
You gave the capsule to us.




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