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ordinary daily life

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It is a happy thing that tomorrow comes.

It is a happy thing to see the morning sun.

I think really so.

Such an ordinary daily life doesn't always come over.

I know such the truth, then, I love the ordinary daily life.

to the one I love

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I heard he is about to go blind.

At first, when I heard about it, I don't have sense of reality, so I just said "I see.", but gradually, I understood with a sense of realness.

I think this is the last chance that he can see my face.

I don't know what I should do.

Even if he can't see my face, our relationship will not change.

Downhill course

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Krebs gestorben.

"Downhill course. Best supportive care ."... Although I wrote medical records, I wonder what I can do. What can I do? 

What can I support people who will die within a week?

It's really difficult. What does it mean "the best supportive care"?

After all it means "helplessness".

If I knew I'll die within a week - What do you hope for?

Perhaps I'll not want to sedate.  I hope for keeping clear my consciousness. I want to say goodbye the loved ones before the end of life.


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