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Since it does not wait for life, nobody knows 

what they should do at that time,

and what was a correct answer.

We should only live today with our best.

my decision

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He said "Do you feel it is good things which you lived in Hiroshima? "  

After that, it became the talk about living in Osaka. 

I noticed that perhaps he doesn't want me to live in Hiroshima.

For the time being, I will leave Hiroshima in March, find jobs, such as medical processor, and think that I will live in Osaka. 

He was going to start the physician in practice.He also decided the place of practice, was going to start, but, illness was revealed and he gave up. He yielded to the other person the place. He showed the place to me. He seemed to be mortified. 

He said that when he became blindness, he will resign the jobs.He said that it was the first to tell someone about this. I am going to become your eyes.If I become your eyes, you will be able to carry on the jobs. Although I was thinking about these things,  I didn't say to him. 

However, I was advised that "you had better make the offer of supporting him from you"Perhaps, from him, it will be hard to say. I wrote to inform him that I will go about getting a job from this autumn, and I will leave Hiroshima at the end of March, and will live in Osaka.


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The person who continued supporting me till today.


The person who is the most important for me.

I will not forget these days that we passed above all here, and you always stood by me.


I hope it not to disappear.

I hope it always not to fade.

"Thank you."

 We hug each other and I don't release you.
I want you to stay with me without asking anything.
Please give me the power which I can believe you.
I don't care even if it is falsehood.
You were likely to disappear in a morning light and I played acting of sleeping.
The memories of too dazzling are turning to and laughing.
In the pool of sunlight, to the one I love, to the one I love, where are you?
I want you to come to meet right now. Even if it is a phantom, it may be sufficient as it.

Going to Osaka

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Everyone says lightly you should go to Osaka. Everyone says it's your chance. But he will lose sight in both eyes. Can you say it's a chance? The situation is not welcome. Going to Osaka needs to really prepare myself. It means that my life contributes to support his blindness. I cannot decide within a few days.


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